Vegetarian Nasi Lemak

As a Malaysian, We love spicy food, one of the all day favorite and signature food, Nasi Lemak ( A fragrant rice cooked with Coconut milk).

We can take Nasi lemak as breakfast, lunch, tea break or even dinner. However, as it was cooked with coconut milk, we can’t overeat the food. We must be careful on the portion in order to take care our health.

Mum modified the nasi lemak to a a more healthy version, replace the rice with yellow ginger (Turmeric) basmati rice, it served with fried mushroom leg, organic fried peanut, organic long bean, vegetarian sambal and stir fried home grown organic water convolvulus  (Kangkung). We plucked the fresh kangkung from our garden. Superb fresh and nice. You can start your little garden for home grown organic vegetables.

We are using basmati rice, a long grain from India or Pakistan which rich in favor and aroma, moreover its great for healthy living as its low in fat and gluten, rich source of vitamins, good source for Carbohydrates and Protein and good source for instant energy.

It was superb yummy and very beautiful color combination. Do you love it?

Vegetarian nasi lemak with modification…. Cooking is fun, must be bold and innovative.
Vegetarian nasi lemak with slight modification…. Cooking is fun, must be bold and innovative!
To cook the yellow ginger basmati rice, you need to soak the yellow ginger with rice for half an hour.
To cook the yellow ginger basmati rice, you need to soak the yellow ginger with rice for half an hour. Then, add in coconut milk. (small qty)

There are so much health benefit on yellow ginger (Turmeric),  namely natural antiseptic, natural anti inflammatory, detoxifies the liver and others, you can add this in your rice from time to time. It look extremely beautiful and very much appetizing!

Bon appetit!

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” ~ Albert Einstein

10 thoughts on “Vegetarian Nasi Lemak

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these recipes and foods! They look really delicious and I hope I can try some of these soon.

    I live in the U.S., and it seems many vegetarians here are busy trying to make vegetarian ‘burgers’ and ‘hot-dogs’ and miss out on the amazing REAL vegetarian foods that are out there in the world. These dishes are wonderful examples of how to be vegetarian and really embrace it without making ‘fake meat’ all the time. Thanks again, and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll share with us.

  2. Lijiun, didn’t know you’re Malaysian. I am too. Good to see Malaysian classics made vegetarian. 🙂 The nasi lemak looks amazing; you should post a recipe for this! 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful meal, LiJiun. I’ve been adding coconut milk and lime to our basmanti rice for a long time now- didn’t know it was an important dish for Malaysia 😉 Now I will try soaking the rice with tumeric first. What a wonderful idea to make the rice more healthful, beautiful, and flavorful. Looking at your photos makes me hungry 😉 We switched from soy milk to coconut milk a while ago, and occasionally get almond milk. I’m trying to transition off of dairy products to a more vegan diet for better health, and so will look for more good ideas here on your food blog.

      1. Yes, it is. I’ve been reading a lot on nutrition recently about studies which link all animal foods, including dairy, to serious diseases. Now I need to determine to give up cheese, butter, and cream in my coffee… the last holdouts of animal foods for me…

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