Vegetarian Braised Organic Bean Curd with Yam

Last 2 weeks, a lot of challenges and great lesson happened in my life.

Impermanence strike that 2 of our stray cats, passed away.

I am truly busy to handle their funeral and also I did chanting to relieve them from suffering.

I’ve stop to post the blog on Vegetarian food. Everything settled and past.

Today, I would like to share with you on a well known Hakka cuisine, Braised Organic Bean curd with Yam.

Mom has modified from pork meat to braised beancurd. It’s taste excellence even though it’s a vegetarian dishes.

Get ready:

1. Slice the yam and deep fry the yam.

2. Deep fry the Organic bean curd.

3. Arrange the yam in alternate with the fried Organic bean curd. Put them in a metal plate or bowl.

Get ready your sauces:

Molasses sugar, Five spices, pepper, Fermented bean sauce (lam yee), sesame oil

Pour the sauces to the yam and also Organic bean curd. Steamed for 20 mins.

Vegetarian braised bean curd with Yam. NICE!
Vegetarian braised Organic  bean curd with Yam. NICE!


“We all love animals. Why do we call some ‘pets’ and others ‘dinner?’”
by K.D. Lang






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