Vegetarian Rice Noodle Roll

Last week, we were extremely busy to take care of our kitten, Little Black who had the fungal infection. He has a few open wound on top of his nose, it was bleeding, very challenging to heal.

When we apply Antifungal lotion on his wound, he was “Crying” as it was too painful, he try to appeal Β to us not to apply the lotion. Of Course, we do our best to comfort him. he is just like a “baby”.

It deepen my understanding on the pain that our animal friends suffering.

It’s the same as ours, their blood is RED too, they feel the same pain, fear and they are asking for our love.

When I look at Little Black’s eyes, I asked myself, “How can we take our animal’s friends life to satisfy our sensual desire?”

“They feel the same pain as us, they want love from us too, why we KILL them?”

“Why are we causing suffering to their life, WHY NOT bring them happiness? Be Compassionate!”

“Why are we looking at their “Dead Body” as “delicious food”?

“Why not, we try out the meat free diet?”

As we were busy to take care of Little Black, we just took simple food yet it’s so delicious.

“Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Roll), a Cantonese dish, it made from rice flour.”

Simple vegetarian dish...
Simple vegetarian dish…

We bought the rice Noodle Roll, it was so easy to eat, just pour soy sauce, organic black sesame, Organic White sesame, oil, chili sauce.

It taste great aroma and smooth...
It taste great aroma and smooth…

Mix well and you can enjoy a great cuisine without cruelty.

Why not make a new year aspiration, to make a little change in your diet and relieve suffering and bring “happiness” to all beings.

If you can’t be a full-time vegetarian, why not start with once per week, then twice per week… At least, start from somewhere, take action and not keep THINKING.

May you practice your compassion in the new beginning of the year!

Happy New Year 2014!






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