Vegetarian Steamed Rice

Sometimes, when you are busy or in hurry, you might want to eat outside or to cook something really simple.

If possible, try your best to cook at home as home cook meal is full of love and positive energy.

Beside, you can ensure the hygiene and also the good quality of raw food.

Mum was quite busy yesterday, so she prepared for us a steamed rice with soya sauce, carrot, soy cube  and mushroom as dinner. The concept is quite similar to claypot rice, however we are using rice cooker.

A simple ingredients to get ready:

1. Basmasti Rice

2. Organic carrot (cut to cube size)

3. Organic mushroom (slice to small pieces)

4. Organic soy cube (cut to small pieces)

5. Organic coriander

What you need to do, stir fried all ingredients with organic sesame oil inclusive of Basmati rice.

Then, put all ingredients to rice cooker.

That’s all!

Simple, right?

Vegetarian steamed rice, time saving recipe yet so nice!
Vegetarian steamed rice, time-saving recipe yet so nice!

It’s superb yummy!  We love it so much, hope you love it too!

If time permitted, you can stir fried green vegetables and eat with the vegetarian steamed rice.

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”

by Albert Schweitzer





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