Vegetarian home cook Breakfast…

Mum enjoyed to cook special breakfast to us during our off day.

She put all her unconditional love through her cooking.

We enjoyed to have breakfast with our parent too. It’s the best and warmth moment in life.

What is more important than spend time with our lovely parent! Do something which can cheer up their life!

Mum prepared a dessert and Vegetarian fried Mee Suah as breakfast…

Mee Suah is a kind of vermicelli made from wheat flour. Mee Suah is also known as longevity noodles hence it is served during birthday to acknowledge and wish for the birthday person’s longevity in life as he/she ages. Normally, people love to cook Mee Suah with soup based.

To cook it tastier, mum fried the mee suah…

Fried Mee Suah...
Fried Mee Suah…

The ingredients:

1. Fried Mee Suah

2. Organic vegetables

3.  Portobello mushroom

4.  Organic home-grown chili

Remember not to put any salt when you fried Mee Suah.

Look at the Vegetarian Fried Mee Suah.. So nice!
Look at the Vegetarian Fried Mee Suah.. So nice!

The ingredient for Organic Wheat Porridge Dessert..

1. Organic Wheat (Soak from night and start to boil the dessert in the morning)

2. Coconut palm sugar (Gula Melaka)

3. Organic Pandan leaves.

Boiled for 2 hours and you can enjoy the yummy and healthy dessert…

Yummy dessert...
Yummy Organic Wheat Porridge dessert…

It’s the best combination to enjoy the dessert with Vegetarian Fried Mee Suah.

“I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals, as surely as the savage tribes have left off eating each other.”
By Henry David Thoreau






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