Organic Instant noodle with home boiled soup …

In modern life, People are so “Busy…”, some might not even have time to do proper cooking.

How to settle their lunch or dinner?

One of the fastest way is to cook instant noodle, less time-consuming, perhaps can enjoy the noodle within 5 minutes. Even though, this is fastest way to feed us fast but it bring negative impact to our health, say, bad to digestion, obesity, disrupt metabolism, high MSG, sodium and saturated fat, chemical, coated wax and others…

It’s considered as junk food and lack of nutrition.

However, you can also enjoy healthy instant noodle but it can’t be cooked in 5 mins. We need time to do preparation.

Simple way, boiled vegetables soup, you can mix with organic soya bean, kumbu, Organic vegetables, organic mushroom, organic tomatoes..boiled it for an hour plus.

Get ready the organic Instant noodle and other ingredients you loved..e.g Organic tofu, organic vegetable ball, organic vegetable and others. Mixed and match, based on your creativity.

For our family, we love to cook the soup with curry paste. It’s so yummy even though we are not using coconut milk and completely no MSG.

So delicious yet healthy way!
So delicious yet healthy cooking!

Just put some effort, you can enjoy the yummy instant noodle and full of nutrition.

Always remember you are what you eat. You are the key holder of your health! The choice is in your hand!

Happy Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Organic Instant noodle with home boiled soup …

  1. Looks so delicious! What is an organic vegetable ball? Something we don’t have here, but such a better thing to eat than a “meat ball.” May all be well with you, WG

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