Stir-Fried Spicy Organic Instant Noodle

Today, mum was preparing the Stir-fried Spicy organic instant noodle as breakfast.

In our country, people love to order this type of cooking in Mamak stall.
This is my mum first trail.
Check out the result:

Look at the noodle, it's taste marvelous!
It’s taste marvelous!

A simple cooking style yet full of nutrition.

What you need to prepare:

1. Organic Instant noodle. (cook the noodle before stir-fried)
2. Organic Vegetables
3. Organic bean sprout
4. Organic bean curd
5. Home grown organic chili
6. Vegetarian “sambal” sauce

You can always mixed with whatever vegetables you love… All depend on your creativity.

It’s not how expensive or luxury is the breakfast, the most important is the people who prepare for you is full of loving-kindness and positive energy.

How blessed we can enjoy the home-cooked breakfast with our lovely family members!

The nice breakfast, noodle with coffee!
The nice breakfast, noodle with coffee! The Best moment!

Happy Saturday & Happy cooking vegetarian meal with loving-kindness!


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