Organic Vegetarian Fried beancurd with Basmati rice

One of the popular Chinese cuisine, The Hainanese chicken rice.
You can also enjoy the vegetarian version of this popular dish.

My lovely mum is cooking the Vegetarian version. Some of my friends, they love to ask since we are taking vegetarian diet, why are there so much mock meat, vege chicken, vege prawn, vege lamb..? Is this necessary? Why are we try to cook the non-veg meal with the mock meat? Is our mind same as our action? Is this compassion?

The simple answer is we would like to encourage those meat-eater to try the vegetarian diet, to change their perception on vegetarian meal as dull, tasteless and boring. Once they can accept vegetarian meal, they might try to take more vegetarian meal in their life. Once they’ve no rejection, they will also share with more people. How wonderful!

So yummy!
So yummy!

The cooking method, to use the organic beancurd & roll it with the beancurd skin.
Steamed and then fried it.

So nice!
So nice!

The best combination with organic cucumber, Basmati rice and also some soya sauce plus chili sauce.

It’s taste awesome! Take a try, you’ll love it!

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