Organic Pandan Coconut Roll

It’s great moment to spend time to prepare food with your family members.

A warm and fun moment in life!

Today, we are cooking the Organic Pandan coconut roll dessert.
Basically, it’s pancake with grated coconut.

Ingredient for the skin:
1. Home grown Organic Pandan leaves, blend it to “juice”.
2. Organic flour

Ingredient for the filling:
1. Grated Coconut
2. Palm sugar

Check out the result…

What a sweet day!
What a sweet day!

The texture is slightly hard as this is the nature of food, we are using organic flour with no softening, no egg and no yeast. However, it taste great with the grated coconut!


Most of us, we might be cheated by our senses, we might totally forgot the origin taste of food with the highly processed food. We might benchmark the highly process food with others food, in term of the taste and smell. The truth is the original and basic food will provide more nutrition to your body and it’s best for your health. Yet, some of us, failed to understand and refuse to search for the truth.

Always keep in mind, “Health is Wealth”, “No health, No Happiness.”

Happy weekend! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Organic Pandan Coconut Roll

  1. true! the human body has difficulty assimilating multi-ingredient, factory-processed food – our digestive system has not evolved to do so in the relatively short span of time since we started mass-producing food… the fewer ingredients in our food (ideally home-cooked) the better we can digest them… πŸ™‚

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