Stir-fried Organic dumpling skin

Sometimes, when you are cooking, you might have some left over ingredients, how do you handle?

You can use your imagination and creativity to cook another cuisine, most important not to waste anything in your cooking process. It’s so blessed to have food to eat.

Our family, we practice zero wastage, we’ll do our best to make use all food ingredients until the last option to be compost in our garden.

There is a beautiful saying from MAster Sheng Yen: ” To increase our blessings we need to recognize blessings, cherish blessings, nurture blessings, and sow the seeds of blessings.”

We’ve some left over of the jiaozhi (Dumpling) skin. We think a way to transform it to be a delicious vegetarian dishes. Something new….

What we did? We roll the organic dumpling skin, boil it and stir-fried with vegetarian sambal together with the below ingredients.

Organic french bean
Organic vegetable
Organic bean curd

Organic dumpling skin in roll...
Organic dumpling skin in roll…

You can always make a difference in your vegetarian cooking and encourage people to accept and love it!

Be innovative!

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