Vegetarian Pho

I received a thoughtful gift, banh pho (linguine-shaped rice noodles) from one of my friend after visiting Vietnam.

Normally, Pho is a popular Vietnamese noodle soup which cooked with herbs and meat.

Together with my lovely mum, We cooked it in vegetarian style, yet still yummy and delicious!

Boiled the hot water and put the pho in for 10 mins. Look at the end result, look great and ready to eat!

Banh Pho
Banh Pho

Get ready vegetarian soup base…
With the below ingredients, you can add in whatever you love too, be creative and have fun!

1. Organic cabbage
2. Organic tomatoes
3. Organic Turnip
4. Organic Lion Mane Mushroom
5. Organic Soya Bean
6. Kombu

Below is our topping for the lovely Pho…

1. Organic sesame bean curd
2. Organic soy cube
3. Organic mixed vegetables ball
4. Organic vegetables
5. Organic Home grown chili

Here you go…. A hot Vegetarian pho is ready to eat…

So yummy!
So yummy!
Best match with Organic Chili
Best match with Organic Chili

You can enjoy any signature and popular dish even though you are vegetarian. There is no limitation, you just need to be innovative and have fun in your cooking!

Bon appétit!

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