Fried Sesame ball with Organic peanut filling

One of the best moment in life is to do cooking with my family members.

We love to try on new recipe during off day, we enjoy the warm moment of getting together, to have fun and spend our time together, especially with our lovely mum. My lovely mum love to do cooking, as such she is extremely happy when we are willing to spend time with her in cooking. What great and easy way to make our mum happy! We are in ultimate joy too!

Today, we are trying to do the Fried Sesame ball with Peanut filling. We got the recipe in newspaper and also learning from online.. Nothing is impossible, it’s all depend on your will power.

However, We modified slightly on the recipe as we don’t take so “sweet” stuffs.

The ingredients:

500 g Glutinous rice flour
100 g Organic brown sugar
Organic White sesame
Organic Peanut (Pan frying and then Crushed it by hand, mixed with organic brown sugar)

What you need to do, Boiled the hot water and mixed with Glutinous rice flour and sugar, make it to a dough.

Then, you can start you process of making the sesame ball, we put the peanut filling. However, it’s all up to you, perhaps you can try lotus paste or red bean paste, even no filling also fine.

What a beautiful sesame ball!
What a beautiful sesame ball!

Get ready the frying oil….. Look at the result…

So yummy!
So yummy!

We prefer to enjoy Fried stuffs at home as we are using the good cooking oil and we only used for once or two times only.

The peanut filling...
The hand crushed peanut filling…

Sometimes, we love to buy outside food due to convenience, however, we might miss the great fun in cooking especially with your lovely family members!

What a joyful moment in life!

Happy Sunday!

Smile always!

6 thoughts on “Fried Sesame ball with Organic peanut filling

      1. I completely agree with you, there is no need for processed food you can achieve the same or better flavour from organic ones.
        Best wishes,

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