Vegetarian Clear Soup with Organic Rotini

Sometimes, we might limit our creation in the cooking way. We might think this type of noodle must match with the particular type of soup or ingredients.

Why not think out of box? To have fun in cooking!

This morning, mum cooked for us Vegetarian clear soup with Organic Rotini in difference color.

What a colorful rotini!
What a colorful organic rotini!

Normally, mum will boil clear soup with below ingredients:

1. Organic soya bean
2. Organic Cabbage
3. Organic Carrot
4. Kumbu
5. Organic Home grown Cherry Tomatoes (Superb nice)
6. Organic turnip
7. Organic corn

Look at the Organic home-grown cherry tomatoes.
Look at the Organic home grown cherry tomatoes.

The clear soup based is full of nutrient and superb delicious.

We just add in the organic rotini with the Organic bean curd, organic bean curd roll and whatever you love…


Just be a bit innovative in your cooking…

You are going to experience and discover new dish anytime.


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