A simple birthday gift…

What is your birthday wishes? What gift do you want for your birthday?

Some of us, we might said, “Watch, perfume, jewelry, handbag, shirt, vacation, clothes, pen, tie, party, toy, latest gadget, car, luxury dinner…….

One of my sister’s friend, she actually shared with my sister that she just wanted the “Vegetarian Fried Wanton noodle” cooked by my lovely mum as a birthday gift. What a simple wish!

Life is simple, only us who make it complicated. Think about it, the most important necessity are clothes, food, accommodation and transportation. You don’t need luxury stuffs, a simple living style is most ideal! Let’s enjoy the freedom, peace and serenity in life.

A gift with love and kindness!
A gift with love and kindness!


Wanton noodle
Organic Vegetables
Organic Bean sprout
Organic Mushroom
Home grown Organic Banana leaves
Fried Monkey head mushroom

Just stir-Fried the noodle with all ingredients and add-on the deep-fried monkey head mushroom.

A simple yet a thoughtful gift! You can always get read for others!

4 thoughts on “A simple birthday gift…

  1. You do suggest organic! Wish it were easier to find where I live. I am so bent on eating better as it is the only way I can help my chemo-therapy along to combat cancer. Diet is MY weapon. Do you have a recipe that one could make wanton noodles from?

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