“Small Bowl” dessert

Sometimes, people might say ” I don’t know how to cook this or that…, I don’t have the recipe..

However, in this easy access internet world, you can get recipe anytime. Most important, you must try, cook and improve it. Whatever, we want to cook and we are not familiar, the first thing we’ll do is to check online and look for recipe. You don’t need to follow 100%, you can always modify to your cooking style, however you must have basic ideas how to cook.

Last Sunday, we try to cook the “Won-Zhai Ko”, one of the dessert from the small bowl. It’s quite fun and easy to prepare this dessert.

Ingredient A:

80 gram rice flour
10 gram glutinous flour
120 gram home-grown pandan leaves juice
(All mixed well)

Ingredient B:
45 gram Organic Brown sugar
130 gram of water
(Boiled the water until the sugar dissolved)

This recipe is meant for 5 small bowl dessert. You can add up the portion, all depend on how many pieces you want to make.

Please get ready boiled water at your cooking ware and also heat up the small bowl.

Poured the ingredient B to A, mixed well. Then you can put into the pre-heat small bowl. Steamed for 20 minutes.

Yummy dessert...
Yummy dessert…

Look closely to the green color, this is the naturally color from the organic pandan leaves. Next round, just double-check the green coloring on your cakes or bun or desserts, is it the same green? Sometimes, the seller might put “coloring” only, it’s not so healthy and also no aroma.

To have the better taste, the best combination is to mix with grated coconut.

Nice to enjoy while hot!
Nice to enjoy while hot!

Start a simple cooking, to enjoy with your lovely family.

Have a great weekend!

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