“small bowl Dessert” with Organic Red Bean

During the off day, it’s best time to have fun with your family through cooking, it can help to foster close relationship and also explore the new recipe. After succeeded, we can bring happiness and joy to other’s life through our cooking.

As we are vegetarian, we hope to share our home cooking on how much nice cuisine you can still enjoy even though you are vegetarian. Generally, People will associate “boring” in vegetarian cooking.. Let’s explore and change our perception on the new healthy diet trend. It’s interesting!!!

After trying to make the “Small Bowl dessert in pandan leaves.” We are exploring to make Small bowl dessert with organic red bean. As for recipe, please refer to the early post, we just change the organic brown sugar to coconut palm sugar and add in Organic Azuki Red Bean.

It’s fun to try out new things in life.

Boiled Organic Red bean paste
Boiled Organic Red bean

When we boiled our Organic Red Bean dessert soup, we took out some and frozen it in freezer. It’s the fastest and easiest way out.

So yummy!
So yummy!

Best combination with grated coconut…



We can finish the total cooking process within 35 minutes.

Take a try!

Nice, yummy and healthy!

Happy Sunday!

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