Cengkodok Pisang

We buy a lot of banana to feed a stray monkey nearby our residential area. However, he was missing lately. So, we stuck with quite a lot of banana in our freezer.

As such, I propose to my lovely mum that why not we make cengkodok pisang (almost similar to banana fritter). However, we don’t have recipe and not sure how to do. Thanks to the internet and also kind people who share their recipe online, we are able to learn quickly and start the journey of making the cengkodok pisang.

It’s so simple. The ingredients as below:

1. 9 bananas
2. Organic Self Raising Flour
3. Organic Molasses Sugar
4. Organic black and white sesame
5. Himalayan Salt

(Estimated 40 pieces of Cengkodok Pisang)

We are using hand blender to blend the bananas and organic molasses sugar.

How creamy is the banana!!!
How creamy is the banana!!!

Then, add in Organic self-raising flour, organic black and white sesame. Mix well and you can start the deep-fried cengkodok pisang.

Look at the end result…

Superb nice!!!
Superb nice!!!

Don’t waste any of your food, look online and for sure you can get the right recipe to cook and enjoy with your lovely family.

Happy Sunday!

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