walk the talk…

Sometimes, when we dine in to non-vegetarian restaurant, we need to explain to the waiter or waitress on what is the requirement on our food, normally we’ll mention” No meat, no seafood, no egg only vegetables.” If we only said we are “Vegetarian”, sometimes they can’t understand and they might cook the wrong type of food.

Lately, I observed that more and more people, they can understand well when we just mentioned, “no meat…” Then, they’ll ask, “Are you vegetarian? Do you want eggs in your dish?” We are truly happy that the awareness is higher as the demand is higher.

During our recent trip to Chiangrai, we discovered that there was even new vegetarian menu in one of the restaurant in airport. The food presentation, the taste was excellence!

Vegetarian claypot rice!
Vegetarian claypot rice!
Simple yet truly nice!
Simple yet truly nice!
Vegetarian Pad Thai!
Vegetarian Pad Thai!

The changes must start from yourself and then, share out to your surrounding.
Don’t talk the walk but WALK THE TALK!

We need to continue our great effort to bring out the message on how important to reduce meat consumption and start a vegetarian lifestyle to save mother of earth and our health.

We can achieve more with a great team effort!

Why not take a try?

2 thoughts on “walk the talk…

  1. I have found that hospitality staff are much more aware of dietary requirements today than 10 years ago. When dinning out, I always mention our food requirements before booking – giving the chef a heads up.

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