Sharing happiness…

Yesterday, it was 9th day of Chinese New Year, its significant for Hokkiens. Some traditionalists venture as far as to say that for the Hokkiens, the 9th day is even more important than the New Year itself, for it was on this day that the entire clan of Hokkiens were spared from being massacred.

My lovely mum woke up at 330 am to prepare Fried Nian Gao for our colleagues and also to our neighbors. She mentioned to us, How blessed to share happiness and joy with others. Moreover, To serve Nian Gao on the 9th day was great as symbolize “Prosperity year after year.” We’ve asked her to prepare the Fried Nian Gao in one day earlier, just reheat, no need to wake up so early. However, she rejected our proposal as she said, “We must do our best to prepare good food to others, Think about the smiling and satisfied faces from all people who are enjoying the food. How happy we can be!”

What a great example that we can learn from our lovely mum! We are proud of you!

Just look at the beautiful Nian Gao with Organic Sweet potatoes and yam.
Look at the beautiful Nian Gao with Organic Sweet potatoes and yam.Thumb up!

When I brought the fried Nian Gao to office, all my colleagues “Thumb up”. Their Comment, “Taste excellent, can’t get from restaurant.”

I truly agree on the comment as the food was cooked by my lovely mum who is putting all her love and blessings to everyone who enjoyed her cooking. It reminded us on how important to put our love and passion to whatever we are doing! Bring Happiness and big smiles to our surrounding no matter how small is the task.

People can feel the difference! Shine out your happiness!

Smile always!

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