Kaya toast

How much time do you need to spend in order to prepare a good lunch or dinner for yourself and your family?

Think about it. From the time you start to clean your raw ingredients like vegetables and others, to get ready to chop or slice… Then, only you start to cook. It might take more than half an hour or even an hour to prepare a meal. However, the time we spend for eating might be only less than 10 minutes. Some of us, we might eat really fast, perhaps not even chewing properly before we swallow our food. Do spend some time to enjoy your food, to chew more than 25 times before you swallow your food. To appreciate, be gratitude for whatever you have. Moreover, you can have a good digestion after meal if you chew properly.

Sometimes, its great to have a simple meal and take a break from cooking. Most important, eat mindfully and be gratitude for the food you are taking. You can taste much better. You are truly satisfied even you are taking a simple food.

This afternoon, we had toast bread with Kaya (Coconut egg jam), it’s called Kaya Toast, so popular in our country and we make a home boiled Columbia coffee. The food is simple yet we enjoyed with full-hearted. How nice!

Home made Kaya Toast… Nice!
Home made Kaya Toast… Nice!
Best match with a cup of nice coffee!
Best match with a cup of nice coffee!

Enjoy simple food with full hearted, you can feel the difference!

Happy Saturday!


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