Know the taste of food and let go! Never keep pursuit good food in your life!
Know the taste of food and let go! Never keep pursuit good food in your life!

Food can be a bridge to break the ace of any human relationship. Whenever, you talk to people on nice food, they might be so keen and interested to try. You might aware that the food recipe, food blog, food article, food channel, all this medium can attract a lot readers and followers.

One of my friend, he love food, he love to eat, no matter how far is the distance of good food, he’ll drive and to satisfy his desire on tasting food. He love to talk about food, he love to think about lunch menu just after taking breakfast… One of his motto is to enjoy life with good food. He is binding his life with food only.

In order to taste and eat food, we must equip with 4 factors- food, your tasting bud & tongue is in order, saliva and your mindfulness.

Sometimes, when you are not mindful, you don’t even aware what are you actually eating. You might experience that whenever people asking you, “What do you have for lunch?” You might not able to answer if you are not mindful in eating. Some of us, we love to do multitasking when eating… we love to play with our phone, chit chat, reading, watching TV.. Definitely, you can taste well on the food. As such, be mindful when you are eating. You can taste much better and also eat less as you are fully aware that you are full.

You must also have food to eat, saliva to help to digest, good tooth to help to chew and also your tasting bud, your tongue must be in good order, then only you can taste on food.

Be gratitude when you can difference the taste of food, it’s fine to know the good or bad taste of food but most important don’t create “stories” and be ” director” after your meal…

“Keep thinking on if I can take this food again, How awesome!
If I know how to cook, how wonderful!
Wow! I must come often to this restaurant as good is so great! Must introduce to more people….
Why people can cook such horrible food?
I’ll never come to this restaurant.. waste of my time and money.
Must apps to all my friends on my bad experience..”

When your mind is keep creating stories on food…. You are definitely not going to enjoy peace of mind. Acknowledge the taste and let go.

Happy eating!

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