Organic Steamed Bun with Kaya

Do you love to enjoy steamed bun?

It’s great to enjoy while the steamed bun is still hot and you can actually to taste the soft texture and also the filling.

Mum love to prepare steamed bun for us during off day as we can enjoy it during its still hot. Once, its cold, the texture harden and not so yummy to eat.

My lovely mum love to prepare for us, Organic Steamed bun with Kaya (Coconut egg jam).

To get ready the dough...
To get ready the dough…

Simple ingredients: Organic wholemeal flour, organic flax-seed, yeast…

Just put in whatever filling you love…

So yummy!
So yummy!
With "Kaya" filling...
With “Kaya” filling…

We enjoyed the organic steamed bun with great love from our lovely mum. It’s full of nutrient and nice to eat while hot.

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