Organic Fried Sweet Potato

One of the favorite dessert and commonly selling in hawker stall is Fried sweet potato. It’s so crunchy and nice to eat. However, we are very much concern on the frying oil which the hawker might continue using until the oil turn to “dark” color. It’s unhealthy. In long-term consumption, it might encourage the growth of “Cancer cell” to our body.

Besides, One of my friend sharing with me that, ” Her previous office was in 2nd floor, there is a stall, selling fried dessert at ground floor and from her window, she can see clearly how the hawker prepare the food.” She mentioned to us that, ” They are using the oil from plastic packaging, it might be recycled oil, however the most terrifying was the hawker put the plastic packaging with the frying oil. As such, the fried stuffs always crunchy even though after sometimes. The food contains plastic ingredient, needless to say, “It’s HARMFUL to our health”.

Normally, My lovely mum will prepare home cook fried dessert as we are using fresh oil, organic ingredients and most important the great love and positive energy from my mum.

The preparation is simple, you need to prepare:
1. Organic sweet potatoes (slice it)
2. Organic self-raising flour
3. Frying oil

By looking at the color, you know well what type of oil being use...
By looking at the color, you know well what type of oil being use…

My personal experience, when I dine-in in a hotel, the fried dessert was in “strange smell” and the color was so “dark”. I rejected straight away and made a compliant that they are using “recycled oil”. Just be mindful, you know the quality of food you are eating. Don’t continue to feed poison to your body.”

So yummy!
So yummy!

Health is wealth! All depend on you…

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