Vegetarian Steamboat

My sincere apologize that I post less recently as I am extremely busy in my office work. Hope everyone is well and happy.

Today, my family was having a simple meal yet so delicious. It’s the vegetarian steamboat. The preparation is easy, healthy and more important the family is get together and enjoy happy meal together after a week of hard work. What a warmth and happy moment!

What is important in the steamboat-the soup based.
You need to boil the soup, the ingredients are as below:

1. Organic Cabbage
2. Organic Tomatoes
3. Organic turnip
4. Organic Black & white pepper
5. Kumbu
6. Organic Lion’s mane
7. Organic Carrot

You can alway put your favorite vegetable to boil soup. It is all depend on your creativity.

Next step, just get ready your favorite food for the steamboat…

Our favorite food…. Nice!
Nice Food combination!
A variety of Vegetarian food…
A variety of Vegetarian food…

The best combination for the steamboat is chili sauce. We are getting this superb nice chili sauce from one of the vegetarian restaurant that we always dine in. It’s great to build great relationship with everyone.

Are you hungry?
Are you hungry?

The best time to consume steamboat is during cold weather or raining day. It keep your body warm and also warm your heart as you are enjoying with your lovely family and friends.

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