Durian for dinner…

Have you ever try “durian”?
Do you love it?

Durian is full of strong odour, some might love it and some might hate it, Some even vomit once they smell such odour.

Durian is considered as “King of fruits” in our country.
Now, there is the durian season.

Many of us, we might associate Durian as heaty food. Basically, Durian is full of nutrient that good to our body. We must know when to eat durian, the best is replace it as a proper meal and not to mix with other food.

This evening, we had durian as our family dinner. It was so nice! We can alway try something new.

There are many types of durian, we bought 101, XO, Musang king….It’s all depend what is your preferences. It’s very subjective and you can’t force people to eat.

Our dinner...
Our dinner…

We can learn from this durian eating experience, whatever you love, it’s not suitable for everyone. Respect others!

Happy weekend!


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