Vegetarian Organic Steamed Rice

Sometimes, when I dine out for lunch, I felt my digestion slow down and my stomach was so full until dinner time. Its hard for me to take any more food. My mum mentioned that it might related to the cooking oil, it might be a recycled oil which cooked several times and also there is too oily for stomach to do digestion.

As such, whenever possible, we prefer home cook food even though its simple, basic, natural and most important its full of love as my lovely mum give her unconditional love when cooking. We can also feel the love, gratitude and positive energy in the food we are eating. We are blessed to have such a wonderful mum.

Today, we would like to share with you on the Vegetarian Steamed Rice, its fast, easy and also healthy to eat.

The ingredients:
Organic Basmathi Rice
Organic Carrot
Organic Mushroom
Organic Soy ham
Bentong Ginger (Cut into slices)

Plus Organic Soy sauce, Organic Dark sauce…


Its best match with Vegetables soup…

What a blessed dinner!
What a blessed dinner!

One of the best moment in life is to enjoy the simple home cook meal with your family members! How warmth!

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