Organic Spaghetti with Portobello Mushroom

Whenever, we dine-in in any Italian Restaurant, Sis & I love to order spaghetti with mushroom. One of our favorite dish, however, I don’t take garlic since young and I dislike the smell of garlic. Sometimes, its hard to ask the chef to remove garlic from his cooking. As a vegetarian, we don’t take garlic and onion as it caused the bad smell to our mouth and its easier to trigger our emotion, especially anger.

As such, I learned to cook Organic Spaghetti with Portobello mushroom without garlic.

The ingredients are simple:

Organic Spaghetti
Portobello Mushroom
Black Pepper
Home Grown Chili
Pine Nuts
Organic Soy ham

So yummy...
So yummy…

It’s not difficult to cook a vegetarian meal, it’s all depend on you, whether are you happy to cook? Do you want to share your happiness with others through your cooking? Most important, give your best blessings when you are cooking.

May all people who enjoy the meal, be happy and well!

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