Dessert, “Bubur Cha Cha”

One of the day, after watching the cooking program on how to cook the “Bubur Cha Cha”, one of the popular dessert in our country. My mum decided to cook the dessert for our family after so many years. What a good news!

I went to do “marketing” on all the ingredients like Organic sweet potatoes, Yam, Organic Black eyed peas, sago and also fresh coconut milk.

Early in the morning, my mum started to steam organic sweet potatoes and also yam. She also boiled the organic black-eyed pea to get ready for cooking the dessert.

The ingredients are ready to boil the dessert.
The ingredients are ready to boil the dessert.

For the sago, actually we spend about 2 hours to boil until it became crystal look. To cook a good dessert, its great to add in pandan leaves, full of fragrance and for sugar, it all depend on you.

Once the water is boiling, just add in all pre-steam ingredients and also coconut milk.
Look at the end of result…

So yummy with the crystal clear sago.
So yummy with the crystal clear sago.

Cooking is not so challenging, all depend on you whether are you willing to learn or not. It’s great to prepare home-cook meal to your family, always remember health is wealth. Some of us, we might not treasure our health when we are still healthy and we are in deep remorse once we lost it. We might even spend whatever “wealth” we have to regain health. Why should we go through such moment in life?

Let’s food be your best medicine. Know what are you eating. Don’t feed your body with poison. Don’t give excuses that you don’t know as you can access online anytime to know the truth.

If you are the chief cook in your family, your health and your family health are on your hand. Be mindful on your food ingredients and also the cooking method.

Have a healthy life!

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