Be a vegetarian…

How wonderful and happy to see the fish swim freely at their home!
How wonderful and happy to see the fish swim freely at their home! Photo courtesy from Sis Li Yi.
“Where is hell?” You know the best!Photo Courtesy from sis Li Yi

Some of my friends love to check with me whether “Is it “Hell”, “Where is Hell”?
My answer is simple, if you want to know “where is hell?”

If you are in Asian countries, just take a walk to the “traditional wet market”, you can understand clearly, “where is hell?” Some of us, we love and prefer to buy “fresh livestock”, as such, our animal friends like chicken, frog, fish, duck and others being slaughtered on the spot. You can see blood, hair and intestine around the market area, you can also smell the stinky blood, Of course, you can sense the fearful, helpless from our animal friends. Just imagine, like the fish being removed its scales, basically the pain is the same like we pull out our fingernail one by one.

If you are in Europe countries, take a look in the slaughter-house, you can see, you can listen, you can smell and you can sense how much suffering that our animal friends go through in order to give their “life” to us as “MEAT”. Is is “HELL”?

In order to satisfy our taste bud and also “3 inches” of throat, we are causing so much suffering and bring “hell” to our lovely animal friends.

Take a deep breath, ask yourself, “Are you ready to bring happiness to our dearest animal friends?” You might have other thought in mind, “Why should I as others still continue their meat consumption?” Just share with your mind that, “Why should I follow others when I know I do the right things? I know that I can bring so much happiness to animal friends and also reduce carbon dioxide to help to save our beautiful planet”

There is no issue to start a journey to be a vegetarian, once I think about the suffering of our lovely animal friends, I no longer can take meat and I took a vow and straight be a vegetarian together with my family members.

No worries about your health, you can live well with healthy vegetarian diet. You feel your body is lighter and your mind is more peace and calm as your diet is helping and bringing happiness to others.

Why not take a try? Join us, be a vegetarian.

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