Pan fried King Oyster Mushroom

Are you always dine-out?

Of course, its great to dine-out as more convenient, save time, taste more yummy, no need to spend time to prepare, to cook and wash dishes…

Have you ever think about your health? The most precious gift in your life. You might not realize until you lose it.

Have you ever consider on nutrition? Hygiene? State of mind of the chef? Positive or full of negativity? Raw ingredients? cooking method? Recycle oil?

Why not take some time to cook at home and enjoy Healthy lifestyle?

Cooking is full of fun and creativity, its wonderful to have home cook food with your lovely family. How precious!

Today, We would like to share with you on the Pan fried King Oyster Mushroom with chili and basil leaves. It’s so yummy.

The ingredients as below:
King Oyster Mushroom
Organic home-grown Chili
Organic home-grown Basil leaves
Organic black pepper
Soya sauce
Organic molasses sugar

Pan fried the King oyster mushroom, then prepare the sauce by mixing organic home-grown chili and basil leaves, together with organic black pepper, soya sauce and sugar.


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