Yummy Organic Vegetarian Porridge

Last week, I had tooth nerve pain, initially dentist only replace the “old filling”, however this method can’t solve my toothache, I can’t even chew any food with my tooth as it caused pain. Today, I had root canal and I need to change and take care of my diet until I get the tooth restoration.

Some might associate the toothache as something wrong happen in life. However, It’s great that I can know how the progress of my spiritual practice and also I can change my diet to soup based and also porridge, allow my body to take a rest for easy digestion and start the self healing. I feel lighter and more fresh, of course this can also help to reduce some weight. As such, look for positive angle for whatever things happen in your life.

For the past one week and also the coming week, this is one of my favorite food, the yummy Organic vegetarian porridge. It’s look simple yet full of nutrition as my lovely mum using a lot of ingredients to boil the porridge.

The ingredients:
Organic Basmati rice
Organic carrot
Organic Cabbage
Organic Potatoes
Natural Lion’s Mane Mushroom

So yummy!
So yummy!

How great if we can mixed with Organic Lecture, Organic coriander, Slices of fried you tiao (Fried Chinese breadstick) and also salty fried bean curd.

Healthy to eat!!!
Healthy to eat!!!
Bon appetit!
Bon appetit!

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