Organic Veggie Pancake

Our family love simple and home cook food which free from MSG, recycle oil, too much sugar or salt, too much preservativesā€¦ Natural taste is the best! Our taste bud being damaged by consuming too much outside food as added in too much sauces, gradually we lost our capability to taste the original food. We might even start to complain that “no taste” from the original food and we lost our appreciation to natural food which is the best to our health. The most dangerous point is we might share this message with our next generation “No taste from natural food, not nice at all.”

When your body is use to natural food and you gradually cleanse up your digestion system, you know the best of body reaction when you consume food full of msg, recycle oil and a lot of saucesā€¦ You can feel the “discomfort” signal from your body.

As such, why not start to cook simple meal for you and your lovely family and friends? Taste the natural food, it’s Awesome!

Yesterday, we had Organic veggie pancake as breakfast. It’s easy to prepare, tasty and also healthy.

Ingredients are as below:
1. Organic vegetables (Depend on your preferences, normally we use organic spinach, organic lecture)
2. Organic cabbage
3. Organic Chili
4. Organic carrot
5. Organic Black sesame
6. Organic White Sesame
7. Organic self-raising flour

Mixed well all ingredientsā€¦ ready & go!
Mixed well all ingredientsā€¦ ready & go!
Nice to eat!
Nice to eat!
Great to share!
Great to share!

Happy breakfast!

Life is simple!

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