Happy breakfast…

Happy Sunday!

Normally we love to prepare special home cook breakfast if we are not going for volunteer works during weekend.

We’ve cooked the Hot and spicy Mee hoon soup with Organic stuffed vegetables and also bean curd in this happy morning.

Or course, my lovely mum already prepared in advance for the paste and frozen it. We just need to defrost and start cooking. Simple and easy!

The ingredients for vegetarian paste as below:

1. Organic Black fungus
2. Organic Mushroom
3. Organic Carrot
4. Organic Beancurd
5. Organic Turnip
6. Organic home-grown Chili
7. A bit of organic flour, pepper, sesame oil, himalayan salt, organic sugar.

Mixed well al ingredients and you can choose your favorite vegetables..

We’ve chosen brinjal, red chili, beancurd skin plus beancurd to heap with the vegetarian paste. Then, deep-fried it.

Superb yummy!
Superb yummy!
A simple Hot & spicy organic mee hoon soup...
A simple Hot & spicy organic mee hoon soup…
The best combination...
The best combination…

What a great way to start a happy new day with happy breakfast! Simple, yummy, healthy and warm gathering with family members.

2 thoughts on “Happy breakfast…

  1. Nice! What is on the left of the bread? Is it bean curd skin? Or a flat bread? It looks like roti! I think this would be delicious inside roti! Maybe I will give it a go πŸ™‚

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