Simple vegetarian meal…

Our lovely cat, Little Black had fungal infection, we are extremely busy to take care of him, to feed him medicine, to cleanse our house, it added so much house chores and we don’t have much time to try for new recipe. We only cook a simple meal. Moreover, we need to bring our mother for orthopedic treatment every weekend, it make our life busier.

In order to save time, normally every weekend we’ll prepare braised organic soy cubes, organic mushroom, organic bean curd, organic bean curd skin with organic black soya sauces for about 2 hours. This simple dish can be our dinner and also best match for our organic noodle during lunch time.

With a few simple steps, you can enjoy a nice organic noodle with braised organic bean curd. Normally, we’ll include organic vegetables and organic carrot to make our lunch more nutritious and nice color combination.

Simple, quick and healthy!
Simple, quick and healthy!

We prefer spicy, as such we added in hot and spicy sauce. It’s so yummy.

Nice lunch!
Nice lunch!

We still manage to prepare home cook meal with nutrition and healthy even though in tight schedule. Always remember that health is wealth. Cook it for you and your family members.

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