Grilled vegetables…

Do you love this?
Do you love this?

How do you feel when you look at the colorful vegetables?

It’s truly beautiful. Do you want to have a bite?

The preparation is so easily, just cut and slice it, mixed with olive oil, rosemary and grill for 20 mins. You can enjoy nice aroma of food and also taste excellent. Simple, quick, healthy and of course delicious.

Time flies and I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 5 years. Some of my friends still love to check with me , “Any lacking of nutrient by consuming vegetarian diet?” Of course, I don’t feel any lack of nutrient in my diet, I feel light, fresh and healthy. Before I took vegetarian diet, I am easily getting flu, sore throat and occasionally fever. Over the past year, My health improved tremendously, I seldom get flu and I feel my immune system is stronger compare to past. When People surrounding are sick, I am still doing fine. This is one of the beauty of vegetarian diet.

The obvious changes is smell, Previously I ate fish and I don’t feel strongly on its taste and smell, and now I feel like vomit for the fishy smell. Of course, taste bud change too, I can immediately differentiate non-veg food. I can’t take anymore.

No one can force you to be a vegetarian, only you, yourself willing to change your diet. One of the strong push for me to become a vegetarian, I feel the suffering of other beings. I want to share my loving-kindness with them, to us, they are “Food” but to our animal friends, “Its life”.

May all beings be well and Happy!

Happy weekend! Cheers!

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