Organic Spaghetti with tomatoes sauces

It has been quite a while I never post any new sharing. My mum is sick and I need to handle for cooking, chores and other stuffs at home. I am blessed that I learned cooking since young and also because of this blog, I am able to learn a lot of cooking tips from my mum. and Now, I can handle well.

Recently, I went for a retreat and I am so gratitude to those volunteers who prepared our meal daily. They need to wake up so early, not easy to prepare a meal, they need to clean the vegetables, to slice or cut and then cook. Clean up all utensils after cooking. It’s not easy task to prepare meal for about 70 people. Most important, they are happy for serving us.

Every time when I cooked for my family, I am cooking with a heart of gratitude and also happiness. I always recall how gratitude I am to all volunteers who prepared meal to us during retreat. To me, to take care good health of my family is the priority. Health is wealth.

My cooking method is simple and I try to use more raw vegetables and the most only to cook about 30 sec to 1 minute. Moreover, I only use the method of braised, boiled and try to avoid any deep-fried food. Over and excessive cooking will damage the nutrition in food, it’ll never bring benefits to body yet it bring disaster as intake of toxin. As such, we must be very mindful on our cooking style.

This morning, I cooked Organic Spaghetti with Tomatoes sauce. I love to cooked spaghetti as one of the healthy diet.

Organic Spaghetti
Organic cucumber
Organic corn
Organic cherry tomatoes
Organic tomatoes and basil sauce
Pine nuts

Simple to cook and yet delicious to eat.

I try my best to do home cook to avoid any outside food as one of the way to safeguard our health.
I try my best to do home cook to avoid any outside food as one of the way to safeguard our health.

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