A full of love, Chinese New Year cuisine…

This year is the first time that sis & I need to prepare Chinese New Year meal for our family as my mum can’t cook anymore as she is still sick. I am blessed that I learned cooking from my mum, from recipe book, from online and most important, I read a lot of books on how to cook healthy, what is the healthy ingredients and what is the best cooking method. As such, I don’t face much challenges for cooking.

We ordered our organic vegetable directly from organic farm by weekly. The farm will deliver whatever vegetables are available and they’ll help to rotate the types of vegetables to ensure we can get enough nutrient from all types of vegetables and not stick to only one type. For me, I just cooked whatever vegetables are available with simple cooking method, most important to sustain all nutrition. How nice to enjoy original taste of fruits and vegetables!

This morning, we’ve prepared a few dishes for our family in conjunction of Chinese New Year celebration. I’ve prepared Organic Lotus root soup with organic peanut and black-eyed pea. We need to soak the organic peanut and also black eye pea for overnight. It’s easy for digestion, nutrient absorption and also easy to cook.

The ingredients:
1. Organic Lotus root
2. Organic Black eyed peas
3. Organic peanut
4. Organic Carrot
5. Organic red dates
6. Kumbu
7. Natural sea salt
8. Organic Coriander

Super nutritious and easy to prepare.
Super nutritious and easy to prepare.

Stir-fry mix vegetables cubes

I love this dish as it’s full of nutrient, crunchy, fresh, colorful and it’s very much welcome by children too. You need to spend slightly longer time to cut all vegetables in cubes before cooking. The actual cooking time is much shorter than the preparation time.


1. Organic French beans
2. Organic carrot
3. Organic corn
4. Organic small corn
5. Home-grown organic chili
6. Organic ginger
7. Natural Golden mushroom mane
8. Organic Pickled radish
9. Natural pine nuts
10. Natural Walnut
11. Natural peanuts

One of the key cooking method, you must add water to your pan before heating up your cooking oil, if possible please use good cooking oil, I love to use organic extra virgin olive oil, it bring best benefit to your food. Besides, just cooked for a minute for your vegetables to avoid any lost of nutrient.

A dish with full color combination!
A dish with full color combination!

Steamed Organic tofu with Shemeji mushroom sauce

Simple dish, so easy to prepare and full of nutrient.

Organic tofu
Organic Ginger
Organic lettuce
Shemeji mushroom

Steamed organic tofu and cooked shemeji mushroom in soy sauce with ginger. Just put raw lettuce on top of the tofu. At least, you can take some raw vegetables to absorb full nutrient from it.

Look yummy!
Look yummy!

I rarely cooked any fried stuff as this is not the healthy way of cooking. However, my sister wanted so much to enjoy the Fried bean curd and also her favorite Vegetarian Fried wanton. As such, She is helping to prepare the fried stuffs as we are only taking occasionally. Most important, please use right cooking oil for deep fried. If not, it’ll bring more harm to your health.

Organic Fried Bean curd with sauce.
Organic Fried Bean curd with sauce.
Organic Fried wanton, my sister's favorite food…
Organic Fried wanton, my sister’s favorite food…
Bon-appetite! A full of love Organic vegetarian cuisine! Happy Chinese New Year!
Bon-appetite! A full of love Organic vegetarian cuisine! Happy Chinese New Year!

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