Organic Black pepper and radish soup

Whenever Sis & I dine-out, We love to observe and study the cooking ingredients and method for the food we love. Thanks to the internet, there is so easy to get cooking tips and recipe. As such, if people shared with me that they can’t cook and don’t know how to cook, it’s not true, there are thousand of recipe, cooking site, blog and others for you to learn. What you need to do is continuously your practice and make it perfect! I always believe that home cook food is much better than we dine-out.

To me, we are working hard to earn a living, and don’t use the excuses as “no time, busy, don’t know” and forget about the food we consume which is going to effect our health. Nothing is more important than Stay healthy and this is what I heard often during Chinese New Year greetings. People always mentioned if you lost your health, there is meaningless to own great wealth as you can enjoy at all. Don’t wait until your body is sick, then only you pay attention to your health.

Today, I’ll shared a simple cooking especially its great during cold weather and you can enjoy a bowl of Organic Black pepper and radish hot soup. I love to prepare in advance vegetable soup and put in freezer. I can use the vegetable soup as based whenever I need to boil any type of soup. Easy and convenient!


1. Organic Vegetables soup
2. Organic Black pepper
3. Organic Radish
4. Organic fried bean curd
5. Organic Ginger
6. King Oyster Mushroom

Step 1: Boiled the organic vegetables soup with organic black pepper for 30 mins.
Step 2: Put in other ingredients, boiled for another 20 mins.

Yummy soup! So warm!
Yummy soup! So warm!

Its best match for organic noodle or even with Organic 5 grains rice.

Stay healthy!!! Your greatest blessing in life!

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