Home-made organic salad

No matter, how busy I am, I am insisting to cook a healthy meal for myself and my family. Without a healthy body, there is meaningless to own so much money in bank as you can’t enjoy a quality life. Recently, most of my friends keep sharing that health is wealth and everything. I received quite a number of news that young people as young as 25 years got stomach cancer (stage 3), intestine cancer, breast cancer and others. Sickness is no longer associate with elderly people and the trend is getting younger. One of the key concern is on the diet.Let’s food be our medicine! How important to take good care of our diet.

Sharing is caring. However, people might agree when we share on healthy diet and yet they are not follow. Recently, I love to share my home cook meal with my colleagues especially on healthy salad. Once they try, they are convinced as they can taste the difference of organic vegetables and fruits, it’s so sweet and so natural. The texture is more solid. No matter how many times we are sharing, people can’t imagine the taste. “Eating is believing”

so yummy!
so yummy!

Simple home-made organic salad with Dried spicy organic noodle and organic sesame bean curd. Look great, taste great and healthy! Why not take a try? Why not spend time to take care of your diet? Don’t ever use the excuse of “Busy”, it’s not worth to lose your health.

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