Healthy smoothie

Recently, I bought a high performance blender with 2.2 HP, so useful and convenient. One of the reason, I bought this blender because of a special button on Dr.Wu’s recipe. The blender will stop at 38 degree Celsius, the best degree for the activation of the enzyme of fruits and vegetables. In less than 2 minutes, you can enjoy a glass of 38 degree celsius fruit smoothie with pulp (Super fine). Normally, I’ll keep the balance of smoothie in a glass container and consume within a day.

Previously, I was using slow juicer, I need to throw away pulp fruit. It was such a wastage as so much vitamins, fiber and mineral contain in the pulp. Moreover, I need to spend quite a long time to clean up the slow juicer after usage. It was not so convenience. Now, I just spend less than a minute in cleaning the blender and I eat the whole fruits and vegetables. No wastage at all.

Why not made home-made smoothie instead of buying from outside? It’s so convenience and you are sure what ingredients are you added in.

This morning, I blended super nice smoothie, the ingredients as below:

1. Organic Beetroot
2. Organic apple
3. Orange
4. Organic Cucumber
5. Pineapple

Sometimes, it’s hard to get all fruits in organic. I’ll see what is the best I can get.

Home made organic smoothie, so healthy and yummy!
Home made organic smoothie, so healthy and yummy!

So refreshing!

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