Organic brown rice Porridge

One way to preserve good health is through right diet. “You are what you eat”, I believe most of us heard about this, however are you really putting effort to understand and implement right diet. Majority of us, when we are talking about healthy eating, people will immediately react negatively and mentioned, “Live life once. Why should we limit ourselves so much?” We should enjoy good food. Why bother so much? No matter how, we are going to die” Some even runaway when you are talking healthy living. Why should we live in regret and remorse when we lose our health? Why not put effort to follow right diet?

I experienced “good food” as I was non vegetarian before I change my diet. To me, the best food is what I am having now, taste on the original food with simple cooking. It’s just like back to our ancestors, using basic food without pesticides, hormones, chemical fertilizer, using the simple cooking method or eat raw… This is the best food in earth!

My teacher shared with us the best combination of food per meal are as below:

50% Organic brown rice
30% Organic vegetables
10% Organic Beans/ seed weed
10% Organic Nuts/ seeds

She said you can try on the food combination and experience the transformation in your body. You know the best, listen to your body.

I am trying on this food combination and follow her advise on taking Organic brown rice Porridge as breakfast. It’s so warmth, energy can last long, emotional stability, peace and calm, no urge to take sweet stuffs like coffee or pastry.

Normally, I’ll prepare all ingredients at night and put in slow cooker. In the morning, I can enjoy my perfect breakfast to start my perfect day.

The ingredients:
1. Organic Brown rice (Soak for 8 hours)
2. Organic Carrot
3. Organic Mushroom
4. Organic Yam
5. Organic peanut
6. Organic black-eyed bean
7. Organic lotus seed
8. Organic Bean curd

Once the porridge ready, you can top up with organic vegetables, Organic Coriander, organic pine nut and organic cashew nut.

Hot, nutritious and burden free porridge!
Hot, nutritious and burden free porridge!
Superb yummy! A good breakfast to start your beautiful day!
Superb yummy! A good breakfast to start your beautiful day!

Normally, I don’t like to do pan-fried food and my sister is the expert on doing such. She was preparing the Pan fried Organic Salted bean curd. The best match for the nutritious porridge!

Simple & nice!
Simple & nice!

A simple food with complete nutrient needed in a meal! Life is beautiful!

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