Organic Brown Rice Vermicelli Curry

Recently, I spend a lot of times on reading books related to healthy living. What food to eat? How to cook naturally and taking burden free diet? There are many articles, recipe available online. It’s all depend on whether you want to read or you keep “Naive”, pretend don’t know and continue your current lifestyle which focusing on giving leisure and also pamper your senses. And you totally forget about your internal organs working hard to digest and detox the food you are consuming. The more toxins you are intake, the more heavy workload of our internal organs.

Our body is covered by a layer of skin, imagine if transparent, I am sure you are going to care about your diet.

Every weekend, I’ll prepare an organic vegetable soup which I used simple ingredients like

Organic Vegetables
Organic Kumbu
Organic Potatoes
Organic Carrot
Organic Corn
Organic tomatoes
Organic Black pepper

I’ll deep frozen the soup and used it during weekdays. Its simple and also healthy!

Today, I am using the organic vegetable soup and add in curry powder and curry paste to become Organic Brown rice vermicelli curry. What I need to do, just add in Organic Brinjal, Organic long bean, organic lady finger, organic beancurd, Home-grown curry leaves and pandan leaves plus brown rice vermicelli. Usually, I don’t put coconut milk, one of the healthiest way to enjoy curry noodle.

Simple, healthy and nice! Why not home-cook? You know your ingredients well!
Simple, healthy and nice! Why not home-cook? You know your ingredients well!

Start to enjoy simple and healthy food, a step to safeguard your health! You are what you eat!

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