Organic Miso Soup

Are you taking soup daily?

Recently, I love to boil soup daily for my breakfast and lunch. One of my favourite soup is miso soup. It’s so easy to prepare and the soup is full of important nutrition. One of the important benefit is protects against radiation due to dipilocolonic acid, an alkaloid that chelates heavy metals and discharges them from the body. For modern life, we are prompt to use laptop, smart phone, unlimited wifi at home and office, our body is accumulative ton of radiation. It’s great to get rid radiation by taking miso soup. Besides, it has tons of health benefits, check it on-line.

Normally, I’ll prepare vegetarian soup based on weekend and then, frozen it with the mason jar. Every morning, I just added miso, vegetables to the soup based.It’s easy, simple, quick and healthy. You can do mix and match with your creativity, e.g. wakame plus organic tofu, organic cabbage and organic carrot, green leafy, sea weeds and others. There are so many types of miso in market, most important buy those unpasteurised and enjoy the warm and nutritious soup to start your day.

One of my healthy miso soup, a combination of organic green leafy, organic barley miso, organic carrot, organic bean curd, super yummy and keep body warm in cold weather.

Delicious Organic Miso Soup
Delicious Organic Miso Soup

If you want to take something light for dinner, miso soup also can be one of your option.

Happy Weekend! Cheers!

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