Tempura Organic Oyster Mushroom

Recently, I spent so much time to study natural way to sustain good health. I am reading plenty of books about Chinese Traditional healing method, let the food be our medicine. The more I read, the more awareness I’ve when I am dining out. I know the truth on healthy cooking, healthy food, how our body system working to sustain good health, what type of food we should avoid and what type of food we should take more often. Whenever, I dine out, I am very concern on what am I eating and immediately after I am home, I’ll take a glass of Psyllium husk to speed up the digestion especially when I am intake something not healthy.

As far as I can, I’ll do simple home cook instead of dine out. I love to try on new recipe, new way of cooking and new method of mix and match with fresh organic ingredients. My lovely sister is my fan no 1 as she’ll comment and share her thought for me to improve further next time. Moreover, The more practice I have, The more experience I gain, the more I can understand better when dealing with food.

To safeguard the good health of your family and yourself, why not spend time to understand what is good food for your body instead of regret later when get sick? Don’t give excuses as you are not interested, no time, no skill and others. Health is wealth! If you don’t take care of our health, no matter how wealthier you are, are you enjoying quality of life? Why not give priority to your health instead of spend time on watching tv, online, playing games, chatting and others. Search online (So easy), do reading, understand more and most important to practice, continuos your good sharing with others.

My sister love fried food, however, We know that the oil use in most of the restaurant might be recycle or used for many times. As such, we’ll fry our food at home by using maximum 2 times of the frying oil by shielding out substances. We can take fried food occasionally by using gas cooker, so we can take the warm energy from the gas.

Today, We’ve prepared Fried organic oyster mushroom in organic tempura flour. It was simple and My sister strength is frying food. Look at the end result!

So crispy and yummy!
So crispy and yummy!
Simple dishes like Stir Fried organic vegetables and Tempura Organic Oyster Mushroom.
Simple dishes like Stir Fried organic vegetables and Tempura Organic Oyster Mushroom. So blessed!

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