Organic Pan fried Tofu with carrot and hijiki seaweed

Sometimes, we might consider ourselves know so much stuffs in life. And most of the time, we assume whatever we know is correct and we just stick to our “correct” way and we might even refuse to try new method of life. An easy example, when we are so used to our current diet and cooking method, it might be hard for us to make a change even though we know the new diet and cooking method is great for our health. We are resistance to change and always want to stay in our comfort zone until something happen to jeopardise our health. We might take immediate action to transform life but most of the time, when we regain our health, we might gradually change back to the previous diet plan. I’ve seen this happen with my friends. It’s so common.

The question is why not be persistence, when you know something is working good on you, why not follow, practice and share with others? Let’s food be our medicine, let you, your loved one, your friends and your community to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, I went to attend macrobiotic cooking class to further enhance my knowledge on healthy diet. Macrobiotic means long life diet. Let’s food be our medicine. I’ve corrected some of my cooking method and also right food to consume in order to sustain good health.

This is one of the dish I learn from the class which is so easy and simple yet taste excellence. Most important is healthy come first. Pan fried Organic Tofu with hijiki seaweed and carrot. To be very honest, I don’t know about hijiki until I attended the class. Hijiki is one type of seaweed full of calcium which is good for health.

The Ingredients:
Organic tofu (Beancurd)
organic Carrot
Hijiki seaweed
mixed with Organic cake flour, sea salt and also Kombu Shiitake dash powder.

My sister loved to do pan-fried and she did a good job every time.

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!
Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!
Do you want to take a bite?
Do you want to take a bite?

Happy Cooking! Cheers!

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