Organic Brown Rice with Yam and Mushroom

Last week, I was down with flu, headache, sore throat and fever, this is the consequence of taking unhealthy food when I dine-out and I am glad that my body is alert enough to get rid of “poisons” immediately. I believe strongly in natural healing and I’ve full faith on my immune system will get me heal. What I did was to give “REST” to body and let it heal slowly. Even though, the body take longer time to recover yet there is no side effect at all as compare to consume drugs and antibiotics. There is a high price that we need to pay for fast recovery. Are you ready?

Usually, we hope we can get rid our sickness immediately, as a result, we take drugs and antibiotics without actually trying to understand the side effect of medicine. Next time, when you are sick, check out the drug name, and try to search for the pros & cons. You can read well, the cons list is longer than the pros list, yet we still rely on medicine and not giving attention to our greatest gift-immune system. The biggest protector to safeguard our good health!

Why not give attention to feed your body the right food to enhance and strengthen your immune system, you can be free from drugs, medicines and antibiotics. No need to constantly feed “poison” to your body to weaken your immune system. Take more organic green vegetables, organic whole grains, organic beans,sea weeds, organic nuts and others.

A simple cooking like Organic brown rice with yam and mushroom, Organic French beans and baby corn plus a bowl of Shiro Miso Soup with Organic Radish and Organic vegetables. Easy to prepare, give your body a full and complete nutrition to energize your body. A great food intake to boast your immune system to safeguard you from any sickness. How nice!

Always drink your soup before taking meal and never serve in large portion for better digestion.
Always drink your soup before taking meal and never serve in large portion for better digestion.

I am inviting you to do healthy home cooking during weekend to nourish your body, your family and your friends. Home cooking with healthy and organic ingredients, cook with love is the best food in the world. Why do you want to always look out for “Artificial taste?” and intake more “toxin” and “poisons” to burden your precious immune system?

Happy Weekend!

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