Pan fried Organic Chickpeas Fritters

I love to share good health tips whenever I am talking with people, instead of spent time on gossiping, condemning, blaming, talking about the past and throw all negative rubbish among friends, it’s seriously meaningless and also waste of energy. Why are you bring home with “rubbish” which pollute your mind? Why not give something useful and enhance other’s life? Let them bring home with happiness and peace.

To me, I am just like a gardener to sow the seeds, whether the seeds can blossom or not, it’s all depend on the cause and conditions, most important, it’s all depend on individual. Never carry the burden if others not taking your advice.

My macrobiotic teacher shared with us on her many years experience as health consultant. She mentioned that most of her customers come to pay a visit when they are sick and some might accept her suggestion to cut off meat-eating and follow macrobiotic way of diet. Some might just walk away when they know they’ve changed their diet in order to fully recover. They just can’t accept the organic vegetarian diet with original taste of food. They wanted to continue their lifestyle with pampering their senses with artificial flavour and food with full of “poisons” as their tongue is numb.

Some might follow the diet until they fully recover, then they’ll gradually go back to their previous lifestyle and start to pamper their senses again. When they sick again, they’ll look for my teacher. However, all this never make my teacher lose her faith to continue good sharing and not carry the burden of others to your shoulder. I want to learn from teacher, to shine the seed of happiness to others.

Why not give yourself a beautiful gift in life with taking healthy diet? Perhaps, initially, you might mention that the food is “No taste”, “Not nice” and other negative comment as your taste buds being damaged by all sort of flavouring. Keep up the good diet and let’s your taste bud be “alive” again. You’ll definitely able to taste the “Sweetness” and “natural of food”. Give a chance to nourish your body and mind with right diet.

This morning, I prepared simple food like pan-fried organic chickpeas fritters with organic carrot, organic sweet corn, Home grown organic chilli, organic white and black sesame, add slight organic sea salt and also organic cake flour. Easy, yet healthy!

Take a bite?
Take a bite?

And also Braised Organic Noodle with vegetables, organic cabbage, organic carrot, organic sweet corn, organic mushroom, organic ginger, organic green pea with my lovely Donabe pot.

Happy and healthy meal for my family!
Happy and healthy meal for my family!

Why not go back to basic cooking? Use organic ingredients, simple cooking method, taste good and most important sustain good health for your mind and body. Health is wealth!

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