Kumbu Seaweed Soup

I seldom take sea vegetables before learning Macrobiotics cooking. Apparently, there are so much benefits of consuming Kumbu seaweed, Its full of calcium and also iron. Whenever, you cook with Kumbu seaweeds in your dishes, it enhanced the natural aroma of food and Japanese named it “Umami”, the fifth taste besides sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Moreover, its able to help to breakdown the tough fiber in beans and make the bean more digestible.

Other potential benefits include blood purifying, alkalising, chelating, detoxifying, weight-loss and antioxidant properties.

It’s really easy to mixed the kumbu seaweed in your daily meal, e.g soaked Kumbu with Organic Brown rice, soaked kumbu for soup based-its really easy to mix and match with any ingredients, Add kumbu to any beans and others. Easy action and yet bring so much benefits in life.

However, for people who are not used to the taste of Kumbu seaweed, people might start to complain on the “Fishy” smell. Sometimes, when the complain is from the non-vegetarian, we’ll ask them, “What is the difference of this “Fishy” smell as compared to the “Fish” you are taking? All this is the self creation thought and we are making differentiation.

For a trial, why not soaked Kumbu overnight and get ready for soup based?

Yummy soup!!!
Yummy soup!!!

It’s so easy, you can add any vegetables in your soup, like organic corn, organic cabbage, organic carrot, organic vegetables… Last step, just add in your favourite miso. Good, healthy and tasty! Total time spend in less than 2 minutes.

How much health benefit if we can take a bowl of organic miso soup daily?

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