Organic Dhal Curry with Organic Turkey Bread

The more you take care of your diet, the more you purify and detox your body, the more alert is our body system, they can easily to detect when you intake unhealthy food. It’ll give you immediately symptom and signal that the food is not suitable for you.

After I follow macrobiotic diet for 3 months, I can notice that my body is more alert and able to give immediate signal when I intake unhealthy food especially when I need to dine-out for job related lunch. When I dine-out and took something oily, perhaps the recycled oil, I had indigestion, headache and my body is so tired.

Some of my friend mentioned that this is not a good sign as you are too sensitive to unhealthy food. You are hard to take outside food. Think about, this is a really good sign. When our body is free of toxin, then only body can react fast when there is new toxin coming in. Imagine, if we keep accumulative the high level of toxin in body, for sure one day our body will collapsed. It might be too late for some cases.

I love to learn and cook new dish. This is my first time to cook Dhal Curry. The nutrition is so high and simple to cook too.

First step, soaked the organic yellow split lentil for 3 hours. Follow by, boiled the soaked lentil with Kumbu, Dry Chillies, and cry leaves for about 40 minutes. You can put in your favourite vegetables to cook the dhal curry. For me, I put in organic carrot and organic broccoli mixed with the cooked dhal with pre-mixed organic dhal ingredients.

Yummy Organic Dhal Curry!
Yummy Organic Dhal Curry!

The best combination to enjoy Dhal curry with Organic Turkey Bread.
What a healthy meal! So blessed! What a healthy meal! So blessed![/caption

Why not learn and home-cook your favourite food! Its burden free to your body!

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