Organic Vegetarian Chinese Pasta Soup

Most of the people are so curious on what type of ingredients being used to prepare a vegetarian soup. Most of them especially Chinese, we are strongly believe that we need to include in “Meat and bones” to boil soup, only by this method we can enjoy “yummy and delicious” soup which can provide good nutrient to body. Everyone mentioned that this cooking method was taught by their grandma or mum. As usual, we don’t doubt on the sharing and teaching. We might even pass this recipe to our next generation.

Is it the truth? Is it a must to use only meat and bones?
Perhaps this is only our perception and habit as our family feed us since young. We get use to the particular of “Taste”. Furthermore, the longer you boil the meat soup, the higher health risk as more antibiotics and toxins might release from the animal’s bones.

Why not take a try to boil vegetarian soup? It’s taste great and you can enjoy better nutrient. Moreover, you are not indirectly harming any life.

This morning, I prepared Chinese pasta soup for my family. It’s easy to get ready and burden free to enjoy. Most important, to get ready the soup based, just soak the Kumbu in filtered water for 8 hours. Then, mixed and match with your favourite vegetables. We are also adding Vegetarian dumpling and also pan-fried bean curd to enjoy with the Organic Chinese Pasta.

Burden free Organic Vegetarian breakfast!
Burden free Organic Vegetarian breakfast!

You can alway make a chance in your diet plan. It’s all depend on your willingness!

Health is wealth! Treasure before you lost it!

Happy weekend!

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